The Process (in detail)

The Process

The Process begins with the business owner completing a ‘Client Instruction Form’ (CIF).

This is a simple document that can be completed in a matter of seconds authorising our Tax specialists to carry out initial research to establish eligibility for an R&D claim.

We will then arrange for a Research & Development specialist to call the company.

The specialist collects all of the information and photographic evidence required to substantiate our comprehensive R&D report.

The specialist’s role is to identify all of the R&D qualifying activities within the business.

The information is then rigorously analysed by an experienced report writer.

The report is then written in a format accepted by HMRC and submitted.

The final step is for the client to receive the initial tax benefit, and then benefit from further reductions to their tax liabilities going forward.

Our aim is to deliver an efficient and quality service with out taking
up valuable client time.

The aim is to keep client involvement to a minimum.